Alexis Tsielepis talks about VAT on Sigma TV News

Alexis Tsielepis talks about VAT on Sigma TV News

  • Post published:October 5, 2020

Chelco VAT Ltd Managing Director, Alexis Tsielepis, appeared on Sigma TV news last Friday night to explain the new VAT Omnibus Law (Πολυνομοσχέδιο ΦΠΑ).

Talking to anchor woman, Petra Argyrou via Skype, Tsielepis analysed the provisions of the recently passed law, which he labelled as one of most important amendments to the Cyprus VAT legislation of the past few years.

He talked about the rationale behind the law and even criticised the nature and timing of some of its provisions. The always outspoken Tsielepis made suggestions on how the Cyprus Tax Department could have implemented certain provisions of the law differently for the benefit of both tax payers and the government and even argued for a temporary reduction of the VAT rate for the benefit of the Covid-19 stricken local economy.

Alexis Tsielepis is one of Cyprus’ top authorities on Value Added Tax matters with more than 20 years of expertise on the subject. He has written a number of tax syllabuses, chapters, articles and a book on matters pertaining to Cyprus and EU VAT, advises businesses on international VAT matters and lectures at local and international VAT schools, seminars and conferences.